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Karl von Loewe grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Having earned a Ph.D. in history, during his career in the academic world Karl von Loewe’s book and articles were published in the United States, Canada and Europe. He taught history at the college level for a decade before becoming a Realtor. He was a successful salesperson, trainer and manager and was active in leadership and governance. As a trained mediator and arbitrator, he resolved monetary conflicts and professional standards issues involving Realtors. He has lived and travelled widely in Russia and eastern Europe as a student, researcher and genealogist. His many publications include not only academic articles, but most recently studies in family genealogy. He lives in New Jersey with his wife, Judy.

Karl’s training and experience as an historian and family genealogist shine through in his newly-published book, Lost Roots: Family, Identity, and Abandoned Ancestry, a revealing saga of a family in the most troubled times and nations of the twentieth century as they abandon their ancestry. 

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