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We all have cousins we’d like to be rid of, but this post is not about literal removal, but figurative, in the genealogical sense. Have you ever wondered what a first cousin, once removed really means? Which one of these is your FCOR?

a. My mother’s niece

b. The son of my aunt

c. The daughter of my first cousin

d. All of the above

In its simplest definition “removal” means the child of your first cousin (or your second cousin, or your third cousin). But what is a

first cousin, second cousin, etc.? It is choices a and b above. Your parent’s sibling’s child. You and that child have a same grandfather. Your second cousin and you share a great grandfather, your third cousin and you share a great great grandfather (gggrandfather), etc. So, if you guessed c, then you are correct.

There are several useful genealogy relationship charts online. See the printable one here.

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